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About TalkLeft

Over thirty years, I have studied three things; history, politics and economics. I have realized that to ever understand the whole picture of what’s going on in the political world requires knowledge of all three disciplines.

Most politicians, pundits and political operatives rarely know something about all three areas and this has especially hurt the “left”.

Using historical perspective to persuade is most effective and to combine that with two other areas of knowledge, maximizes the “power of three”. It becomes much easier to congeal a message in one’s mind when attacked from all sides.

I have political Twitter and Facebook accounts and would like to expand my base by buying Twitter ads, so I can get some compensation for all the time I spend fighting for a good cause and trying to enlighten all sides, especially from historical perspective and viewpoints from the “left”.

I might post an essay or a simple Tweet that encapsulates a lot of history with economic or political impact.

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