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You will get my special sneaky-peaky, cosplay, videos that I felt too cringe to upload and....maybe a voice call?

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You'll get my discord server (It's still in development though) ! And all of the other things I mention, lol. And you'll get a shoutout at the endcard!

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AAAAAAAAAAA, oh my god
I don't even know what to give you now..
Hmmmm you'll get my friend request! And you'll get my faceeee, shhh don't show anyone my face though, issa secret.




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Welcome to my lil patreon! I hope you'll be happy here ^^, I'm not really active but I'll try though ^^
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AAAAAAAAA, this is a hard one to get but if we get to here, I'll create a stream with one of you lucky clovers~
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