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Hey all,
My mind is always buzzing with music and I want to be able to share it all with you so I came up with this idea to start a "Jam of the Month Club" so I can set free the music in my mind and share it with you for free. I'm done trying to sell my music. That's a losing game but I will not let that discourage me. Oh no.. There is always a way if you think outside the box.. I just want to be able share something new with you every month. It will always be a song and sometimes I will have a video to go along with it or recipe to make a good plate of rice and beans.. Who knows!! I just know that I have a lot to give but I could use some help.. If you help support me it will help pay for studio time and musicians that I sometimes use on recordings.. Yeah I could just record songs into my old Walkman with my acoustic guitar but I really want to give you the best produced song I can possibly create.. So what do you say? Would you like to be a part of this? Either way you will be able to find my music for free online but man it would be nice to get some support from you.. Come join my Jam of the Month Club!!!
Love and Respect
Rene Lopez
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