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About Janne Flinck

Hi! I'm an urban explorer from Finland and I travel all around this beautiful country, searching abandoned places, both beautiful and scary, filming them for you as if you were with me. I don´t edit my videos very much, and I narrate what I'm finding as well as where I'm going. I'm far from being a tourist as I seek places where most would not dare to venture. I go alone on my motorcycle because it´s more scary and exciting that way.
This kind of traveling takes a lot of money though, because Finland has ridiculously high gas prices: $8.12 per gallon /1.5 euros per liter. There are many other expenses as well such as camera repair, batteries, food, camp ground fees, motorcycle repairs, etc. The more support I get, the further I can travel and the further I travel, the more videos I can make for you. If I get enough support, I will travel to different countries and have fantastic adventures. For example, Belgium is a great place to go. They have so many amazing mansions and castles there! Japan would be high on my list as well, because culturally, it's so exotic. I've been there once already and made my first urbex video there. I saw a lot of potential in that country. I would like to go again and make so many more videos. The USA would be an amazing place to go as well. There is so much history there and diversity that would show in my videos! Please help if you can. Even $1 a month is a great help. Thank you.

$179 of $300 per month
If I reach this goal,I would travel to Belgium again or other countries nearby, to make videos of mansions and castles. However, in order to get to the other countries, I would need funding for airplane tickets, food, and places to sleep. I would have to rent a car to be able to get around to the locations so I could make the videos.
I would need a more durable hard drive, so i could move videos there through my laptop, because camera memory cards are so expensive. My fans have requested for me to purchase a new camera that would stay in focus all the time and to buy a light for my camera.
As mentioned before, gas is horribly expensive in Finland at more than $8 a gallon or more than 1.5 euros a litre.I will continue to need new tires for my motorcycle as they wear out and will need maintenance work periodically as well. I'm glad for the help because this certainly isn't cheap ;) Thanks.
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