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Tyler is a young white male from a low income town in new jersey growing up with learning disabilities and losing his mother at age eight really took the course of his life down a dark path drugs were always around his life as a child very fast abuse an neglect became a normal routine for this young boys childhood lost without direction not sure how to please his stepmother she only treated him worse he was put in foster care for fourteen months along with his other siblings he has a sister from his mother but she's much older an wasn't really around plus he had a dad but he was to busy providing for the other children to protect him eventually tsee decided staying in that abusive situation was only going to cause further damage so his father agreed to leave him with his grandmother unfortunately the trauma was always caused and the young artist was fourteen by this time his grandmother nor his father would help him with school work or feed him so he took matters into his own hands dropped out of high school an starting shop lifting to eat an began his dream of becoming a professional musician Tyler always loved Eminem an anyone who pushed buttons an made people think an he knew after all the abandonment an grief he could make his mother proud some how by expressing himself through his music regardless if it had fowl language or controversial lyrics by seventeen this young man would have already started taking cough medication regularly having sex with many women and promoting his music to whoever would listen by the time he hit eighteen he was doing heroin an other hard drugs to numb the sad reality he called his life in October of two thousand sixteen recording artist TseeBaby was reported consequence from a heroin overdose at the red roof inn in brooklawn medics suggested that they call the time of death but because of some very disturbed witnesses they decided to hit him with four hits of narcan which saved his life Tsee is now on a mission to spread his story around the world that no matter who you are or what you have done you can always make a difference hopefully his story inspired you if it did please support the music an share with friends an family lets make Tyler's mother proud.
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