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About Godswood Studios

Godswood Studios
is a small group of individuals (us) who want to make fun and exciting video games for you. This is our patreon where we can financially sustain development of said video games thanks to the generosity of you. We're currently hard at work on a high quality Adult Visual Novel Parody called Game of Moans. While we're not close to finished on the current project, we aim to post frequent updates through patreon as well as our own website. The game is released completely and absolutely for free through the above website but supporters of our patreon are able to follow the development of all of our projects closely, as well as gain access to early versions of our projects. We appreciate all forms of support as it will allow us to continue development on current projects while also hopefully growing enough to start new projects in the future. 

Our current project, Game of Moans, is an adult visual novel parody game. In this game, you will take the role of a young banished lordling who is stripped of his titles and claims. You will then be tasked with earning enough respect, coin and skill to gain something greater for yourself. This will be done through quests and activities, during which you will meet a large cast of characters. As this is an adult game, you'll be able to romance and get intimate with a lot of these characters. You can currently play through the first version of the game (0.1) which provides a very brief and rough experience but lays the foundation for what we will build upon. We plan on frequent and consistent updates that will add new locations, new characters, new quests, new items, new activities and new features as well as bug fixes and optimisation. The current iteration of the game has only been tested on PC, but we will expand on the platforms in the future.

"The Whores of Winter" is the first playable public build of the game. It represents the first chapter of the game. We plan on releasing more "chapters" as time goes on, for free and publicly. If you'd like quicker access to builds, consider supporting us here on Patreon for a plethora of perks and additional content.

As this is an evolving game, you'll be able to follow our development very closely. We have a websitetwitter as well as a discord that you can use to interact with us -- as well as this patreon feed! Please feel free to use these resources to send us bugs you encounter so we can fix them for future releases.

All of our current projects are released for free publicly on our website but we also offer content passes in the form of our Iron Pass and Gold Pass. The Iron Pass allows you to get new stable versions of our projects one week before the public release whilst the Gold Pass allows you to get new stable versions of our projects two whole weeks before the public release. This means that, while the project is released publicly and for free, you can play the newest versions a bit earlier. Iron Pass and Gold Pass holders also get a plethora of other benefits like Pass Holder Polls (which allow patreon users to impact the future plans for development) and Patreon only teasers showing new scenes before the update even releases!

All characters in our projects are 18+ years of age and are fictional. "Game of Moans" and "The Whores of Winter" are fan-created parodies released publicly for free with original assets. Game of Thrones and A Song Of Ice and Fire are both owned by HBO and George R.R. Martin respectively. We are not affiliated in any way, shape, or form with the official entities and properties. Support the official releases and products.
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The 500 patrons who are on the list when this goal is met will be immortalised within the currently worked on game (if they wish) through an easter egg bearing all their names. 
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