is creating 3D Models for Warcraft III
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Armed with wicked swords hammered from black steel, the Angmarim Swordsmen are the rank and file of the Cult of the Iron Crown.

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Crowned with bladed helms and swathed in heavy robes, Sorcerers of the Iron Crown are the overseers and mouths of the Witch King.

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Wounded by a Morgul blade and twisted into robed mockeries of man, the Cargûl are the highest ranking and most terrifying servants of the Iron Crown.




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About HerrDave

You may have noticed I've been uploading models far, far less than usual.
Well-- my Grandfather(93) died a few months ago and I've taken his place taking care of my Grandmother(95) 24/7.
I had to give up my job to take care of her, and since then I've been having trouble keeping up with the bills, gas, and groceries.

Trouble is shorthand for "I've gone through all of my savings and called in the favors I've built up over the years to take care of her", and unfortunately I've had to make a Patreon to help stay afloat.

What you get for helping
Donators can send me a message with attached screenshots, drawings, or a detailed description of a model they'd like to see appear on the Hive Workshop.

How you can help
- Donating to help with bills, utilities, gas, and groceries.
- Tips to help caregivers who don't have breaks
- Tips to help reduce stress from being isolated
- Tips to help out with bouts of dementia

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts