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is creating mobile games about Chernobyl's mutants. Only for adults.




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About Immortal Games 2019

Hi Guys !

My name is Damian and I have created Chernobyl Revenge game. Which You can download here:

Now, I am working on Chernobyl Revenge 2.

I have committed to work for 200 hours per year. Strictly on game creation. I hope in future I could more but it depends on my budget. Which is currently a summary of income from ads and patreons.

For my dear PATREONS I am planing to send exclusive "ads free" versions of my games.

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  • Exclusive "ads free" CHERNOBYL REVENGE game for Android.
  • Exclusive "ads free" CHERNOBYL REVENGE 2 game for Android. When it will be finished.


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