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Hey everyone, I'm Michael, and is more known as LanokirX/Lano on Youtube and internet!

The goal of my Youtube is to bring daily content of video in form of crazy Let's Play and weird Reactions. I hope to make it a place for everyone to enjoy and have a sweet time! 

However, most of my videos, particularly my Reaction videos are most of the time demonetized (aka no earning on them) cause they are copyrighted and thus make it very hard to make earning on it. Now Youtube isn't a big income for me at this point, but I'm very poor and I'm in need of everything I can earn. :c

So the reason I started a Patreon was actually cause my friends told me to do that, and now it's simply a place for those of you that can and want to support me via monthly donations. Everything I do on my channel is simply for free, you never need to pay anything to watch any of my work, though it means just more for me to receive donations, as it helps me insanely much. <3

What it helps me with;
- Buying food and medicines.
- Paying bills and rent.
- For the games that you want me to do let's plays on.
- Help me with a decent PC, as mine is now slowly collapsing and not sure how long it will last.
- Generally to help my life and my two cats. <3

                       == What to expect on my Patreon and Channel <3 ==

¤ 3 different channels

- LanokirX; my main channel with let's plays of many big and small games. Also lots of Reactions to anime, AMVs, short films and much more! Upload 1-2 videos daily here.
- GG Lano; my second channel and is a MOBA channel. Here I upload videos of games from League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm, Dota 2 and similar MOBA games! Upload 1 video per week here.
- Tales Of; a third channel I have with my brother, Darkmetallic. We do general random let's plays of games we enjoy and just talk random shit. Now this is a bit random, but I want to upload 1 video per week here too, but it's a bit uneven atm!

¤ PC Gaming; At the moment am I lock with only a PC (that is dying quickly D: ), though my goal is to expand to consoles like PS4 and XboxOne. That is for the future however, when I managed my life; though your support would help me get closer to it. <3

¤ Let's Play; I generally have long series of episodes of bigger games (Dishonored, FEAR, Resident Evil etc) as well one time videos of smaller indie games and such. I'm always an eager person to try different games and many have been great suggestions of you guys and gals! 
So always feel free to recommend games, big and small, that you want me to try, and I will often try to make that happen!

¤ Reaction; Honestly something I never knew about until the beginning of last year, when some of you asked me to do a reaction to a FNaF video. After that did I take it easy with it, but soon picked up more of it and now Reaction videos are my most viewed videos! Really amazed by that, so is very excited to do more, and as with Let's Plays, are all your suggestions warmly welcome! 

¤ Art Promotions; I'm a big fan of art, and been part of Deviantart for a long time and many of my friends and near ones are part of the communities there. A while did I do art-vlogs were I talked about art, my memories and such, would I also promote artists. Now I take to do that in some videos, mainly my Reaction videos for now. Cause I know many artists struggles to get seen, and I want to give back to the people and artists in the world that helped me so much. <3 

                              ======== Find me here, click on images <3 =========
$20 of $1,000 per month
A honest goal, that would help me support my living, my cats and simply help me from getting worse life situation. <3
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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