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Venus are wonderful people who want to know what I am up to and be a part of it and give me a little love.  
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Mars are motivators.  They make me get to work. 
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Jupiter is the expander.  Letting me step up and out.  This tier gives access to the written and recorded mentorship as well as online community.   




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About Josephine Thomason

I'm Josephine Thomason.  I am an artist, healer, and teacher living in Tucson Arizona.  
I create classes and workshops on astrology and energy medicine practices.  As well as, lots of art that is an expression of my understanding of the unseen realms.  I love to make the invisible visible. 
I am so greatful for your support on this journey of creative expression and  cocreation.  

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Written and recorded earth healing practices.  Online class and in-person natural building course. 
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