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About Sea Wolf Trade Co.

                    WE WANT TO HELP SAVE THE BEES!               
We intend to do our part in the re-population of endangered honeybee species and simultaneously promote our family business. 

"Back to Basics: Fundamental Health Done Naturally"
To some people, becoming herbalists and honey-bee tenders may seem like an odd choice for a couple of punks, but Andrew and Ashley are undaunted by the task. Both grew up in rural communities; out at the Makah reservation in Neah Bay, Washington and rural towns in Montana and Idaho, respectively. Hunting, fishing, gathering herbs, and otherwise living from the land come naturally to them both. However, they are now combining their efforts and their vast array of knowledge to accomplish something neither of them could do alone.

Since the 1940s loss of nutritious food sources, the increase of pesticide use, loss of environment, viruses such as Colony Collapse Disorder, and the attacks of predator insects have all done devastating damage to valuable honeybee populations; first in the US and then throughout the world (Spivak). While one of these causes may not contribute to the significant loss of honeybee populations alone, the combination of all aspects certainly do (Spivak). 

Experts have suggested that one of the best, simplest ways to promote a healthy diet for bees is to plant a wide variety of crops, plants, vegetables, flowers, herbs, etc. and to maintain cover crops so that bees do not lack food in the off-season (Spivak). Other experts have suggested that warm, steady environments without drastic temperature changes have proven to increase overwintering survival rates by up to 20% (Wilson-Rich). With this in mind we believe our sustainable design has the potential to revolutionize honeybee care and health.

SPACE. Right now we are on the hunt for land. The sooner we can escape city apartment life, the better. Having room to branch out allows us to pursue our craft and return to our hunter/gatherer lifestyle. Our days will be spent caring for the bees, increasing their populations, sharing what we learn, and informing others of how they too can make a difference. From there, building a business to sustain us will be simple because we already have partners lined up and waiting until we obtain the space we need to operate.

But supporting our cause in ANY capacity helps! Small donations contribute to our daily costs of operation and help us massively in obtaining the stability we need to reach our long-term goals.

We firmly believe that we have what it takes to make a true difference in the crisis facing our honeybees and even our warming planet. In time, we want to be able to generate jobs on a local level, support other local businesses, and provide better, healthier produce alternatives to store-bought, GMO groceries. We have the skills and connections, a thorough plan, and above all we have the willingness and determination to make our goals reality.

If you have a way of helping us obtain land on the Olympic Peninsula, please reach out to us directly at [email protected]

Spivak, Marla. “Marla Spivak: Why Bees Are Disappearing” TEDTalks: Ideas Worth Spreading. September 17, 2013,
Wilson-Rich, Noah. “Noah Wilson-Rich: Every City Needs Healthy Honey Bees.” TEDTalks: Ideas Worth Spreading. April 14, 2013,
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With a steady $50 per month we will be able to release a line of hand-crafted jewelry and decor items made from etched copper and brass on Etsy.
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