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About Michael C. Prokop

What is Starship Moonhawk?

Put simply, this series is a labor of love. It's my homage and alternative to Star Trek, StarBlazers, Macross, Starship Troopers and all of the great science fiction that has led me to this place. It follows Admiral Gilliad Cobalt and his intrepid crew piloting the "biggest gun in the universe", the Starship Moonhawk, on adventures to the end of the galaxy and beyond. One ship that stands between order and chaos in our corner of an endless universe. It has existed in one form or another since 1991, and there's no sign of it stopping any time soon.

What's Going On Here?

I'm a streamer and animator and I need your help. Also...

Put simply, the webcomic, which has enjoyed a thriving audience over the years has been woefully neglected since 2010. We want to correct that mistake, and we want to enlist your aid in fixing it.

ADDENDUM: in addition to reviving the webcomic, our new goal is to get additional funds to help with the production of, and advertising for, a brand new set of Starship Moonhawk animated movies!

Ok, What Can I Do?

You can lend us your time and a little bit of money. Keith W. of Mysteries of the Arcana and part-time colorist for Grrl Power by Dave Barrack has convinced me that it's time to bring this bad boy back to the small screen as it were, but his services aren't free. So I need your help.

We're talking a lot of cool stuff here. We're starting with the webcomic, but we're also working on audiobooks, an internet radio drama, more novels, illustrations, animation and, with enough assistance, ultimately, a live-action feature + ongoing webseries. For now, you'll get all kinds of things. You'll get to see:

Concept Sketches -

Plus, you will also get advance reading on the comic, high resolution PDF's for offline viewing, access to the creator and staff via livestreaming on Picarto.tv as well as the ability to interrogate us about this and other upcoming projects on the Moonhawk Studios Presents podcast on Talkshoe! As if that's not enough, we will also offer quarterly wallpapers, monthly voting sketches and even a comment contest to decide what each month's incentive is! Still not enough? Donate enough, and I will FINISH the original webcomic that started this, "The Mercadian Affair" all by myself. Plus, we may even color those ugly b/w pages left in the archives... STILL not enough? Ok, ok, we ALSO have an episode of the spinoff Space Destroyer Hunter  that needs to be animated... did I mention we work with voice actors?

Our first goal is to get enough to cover Keith's talents. Each successive milestone will add new incentives, but the first three are already set: greater and more frequent updates. There are literally HUNDREDS of pages of comic waiting to be produced. Starting with our newest episode "Made in the USA", we have scripts for the upcoming episodes"The Last Sentinel" (Sorthac/Rachael Harrison) "Turning the Tables" (Sorthac vignette), "A Nest of Vipers" (Adm. Cobalt) and "Siblings". That's over 400 pages of the series, just waiting to be made. the only question left is... will you join our cause? The Star Alliance recruiters are standing by to accept your pledge.

Michael C. Prokop
Creator/Writer/Often Illustrator

$47.11 of $3,000 per month
Starship Moonhawk webcomic fulfills financial obligations and updates 1x per week. Some bonus materials to come! Additionally, we can fund the production of full seasons of the series if we hit this goal every month.
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