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Our first wave of supporters! A little bit can make a big impact. Thank you for doing your small part to uplift student voices. When we produce a song written by kids, you’ll hear it here first. 

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You’re here because you love music and the people who make it. Your money isn’t just supporting kids, but it’s putting gas in musicians creative tank, too.

• We’ll share with you inspiration from our top producers and musicians with curated Spotify playlists behind each workshop and dig into their personal record collections. You tell people about us and we’ll tell people about you.

• Look for your name in the credits of any video content we produce, and on our website. 

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We can’t amplify voices without YOU. Dive into the World of WAV with exclusive behind-the-scenes access to our songwriting workshops as they happen.

• Through Patreon Lens, you’ll see the songs our students used for inspiration, the lyrics as they’re shaped, and then watch the track go from unpolished demo to radio-ready hit. 

• Isolated vocal tracks and demos (when we’re really feeling ourselves).

• Exclusive access special podcast episodes

• Special thanks in all of our digital content.

• Free tickets to quarterly listening parties.



About WAV: We Amplify Voices

WAV (We Amplify Voices) partners middle school students with professional music producers to create radio-ready songs. Students write the lyrics for the song and guide its artistic direction. The producers collaborate with the students in order to synthesize these ideas into a professionally produced song that is broadcast on local radio and online.

WAV creates a student-led experience of creative and emotional exploration that ignites the new generation of thinking our community craves.

Our workshops offer high-impact, complementary programming that enhances student learning and engagement. They are safe places for self-expression that give value to students’ inner voices, encouraging the sharing of raw honesty and pure emotion with mentors who listen. Best of all, no prior experience or musical talent is required. To be a part of the WAV, you just have to show up and share.

WE can't amplify voices without YOU. Join our Patreon today to help empower students through songwriting and employ musicians and creatives. 
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We want you—all of YOU—to be our Executive Producer(s). When we reach our monthly earnings goal, we'll produce a song in a local classroom in the name of our loyal Join the WAV patreon. 
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