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Hi I'm Rubber Bandito, Obviously that's not my real name that's my game developer and player tag.

I am currently developing a massive open world multiplayer game and it is taking a lot of time and resources to complete. I am currently employed full time and work a weekend job to pay the bills and acquire the resources required to complete my current project.

I will be redirecting my work direction away from my current place of employment toward a more full time situation here in my office at home to focus solely on the completion of this project.

Before I can shift my focus from my current job, the arrangement I have with me wife is to work as hard as I can, save as much buffer money as I can "before February 2020" and setup a stable and consistent streaming schedule so that interested people my be able to follow the development and construction while possibly being able to interact and offer suggestion to the over all improvement of the final product.

Overall what I'm really looking for is encouragement and support because after hours and hours of staring at a screen, regardless of how passionate a person may be, it can become a little bit stale. So it is always great to receive some positive encouragement and enthusiastic interest.
(In saying that, financial donations will be very well received) 

Development Details:

Name: Descendants
Game engine: Unreal Engine 4
playstyle: Multiplayer first/third person/ survival/ sandbox/ RPG/ Apocalyptic/ Semi Magical
Map: Open World based on real location.
A brief description of the story line:

Based in the far future, 100 years after a mass world event, you as a player new to the game emerge for the first time in to a new world. The scene is a thick forest with the relics of an old major city that is now overgrown. The roads are barely visible through the grass and debris. Some street lights and road signs are still standing and the skeletal remains of city sky scrapers can be seen through the canopy.

Nature has reclaimed the planet in the absence of the human race. Animals are the rulers, and you need to find a way to survive and thrive. As the descendant of the civilization that took shelter from nuclear war fall out deep in the underground bunkers you are the first to venture outside in over hundred years.

for more information, please feel free to contact me or subscribe of follow my twitch channel to be a part of the development of this game.

I'll post a video soon


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