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Hello, Harriet & Josh here!

In 2014 a group of friends starting playing RPG in a little pub in Stone Staffordshire, we made new friends, played more games and filled two tables.

We decided to move somewhere to help us expand and play MORE games so we went to our local hotel.

We got bigger but mainly, we needed a place of our own, so we travel a few minutes away to our current location.
Stone Rural Parish Council & The Boar in Moddershall ST15 8EL, where we run weekly meet-ups with our growing community! Over 50 members from all walks of life and ages to play games.

We play Warhammer 40k (Soon Fantasy) & Bolt Action. Also scenery building and painting.
The RPGs are Dungeons and Dragons 5e, Runequest, Starfinder, Star Wars, Call of Cthulhu 7e, Cyberpunk 2020, Delta Green and hopefully next year in 2020 play even more!

Once a month we have what we call a "Sandbox Sunday" where we all try one-off games or play board games.

Once a year, we run a 2 days Charity event. Running a Dungeons and Dragons Epic, this year its Relics of Khundrakar at Yarnfield Conference Centre. Raising money for PWSA & SSAFA.

Josh and I also run/admin "Dungeons and Dragons UK" on Facebook. We also help at gaming conventions Dragonmeet & UK GAMES EXPO and running Warhammer at Barrage!
We want to keep expanding this community and run more than one session a week. But also start a group in Derbyshire and Find a permanent location in Staffordshire.
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