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About Cat Manning

Hi, I’m Cat, and I write things. Among other things, I've written for Where the Water Tastes Like Wine, an upcoming fabulist folktale about telling stories and the shining lie at the heart of the American Dream, and have an urban fantasy choose-your-own-adventure game in progress with Choice of Games. My upcoming narrative game "What Isn't Saved (will be lost)" was an Indiecade 2016 selection, and my short interactive fiction piece "Invasion" was selected as a Wordplay Festival Toronto showcase entry and was written up in Rock Paper Shotgun. Maybe you’ve played some of that work, or you’re excited to play it. Maybe you’ve read some of my SFF reviews. Maybe you’ve heard me speak about interactive narrative at a conference or seen some of my tweet threads. I do a lot of things!

[A screencap from "Invasion", a speculative fiction Twine about memory, identity, and the end of the world.]

I also have to make a living, though, and this means that I prioritize commercial work these days. Which doesn’t leave me much time to write up my thoughts on what I’m playing for those who are interested. That’s where this Patreon comes in. It gives me an opportunity to justify writing about structure, pacing, and criticism of interactive fiction.

There’s a lot of great work in IF and narrative games being produced, and it’s easy for small games that are narratively innovative or well-crafted to get lost. That’s bad for creators, for players, and for devs who want to explore what they’re doing and learn from it. Once a month, I’ll look at work that's narratively interesting and well designed (both overall and in one component like writing, pacing, usage of a common mechanic). My write-ups will generally skew towards both free and paid work by small developers; the largest thing you’d be likely to see is along the lines of We Know the Devil or Ladykiller in a Bind. My goal is for people to be exposed to well-made interactive narratives and to support work being done in that space, while also giving young or new devs explanations of how these games succeed at what they’re doing.

To that end, I’ll be choosing what I want to play and talk about every month…up to a point. That’s where you come in. Once a quarter or so, I’ll write an additional piece that’s a little more flexible. This might vary from “ways I think about choice structures” to emergent narratives in 4X games to “I talk about my Ork boyfriend in Shadowrun: Dragonfall”. There’s a patron reward tier where you can vote on a handful of things I’m considering writing about, if that's the sort of thing you're into.

By choosing to back me, you'll support long-form criticism of interactive fiction, help spotlight deserving pieces, and get to discover new work and dig into interesting mechanics.

If you're able to throw a little bit of cash my way to enable me to make free, accessible work for the IF and interactive narrative communities, that's so very much appreciated. Thank you.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 24 exclusive posts

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