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per A fortnightly post punk plus podcast.

About 41 Rooms

41 Rooms is a two hour podcast... and you're welcome to it. Avoiding nearly all the millions of tunes ever recorded, we're left with just some of the 'right' ones. Presented by Dec Hickey, author of From Heaven to Heaven, New Order Live, The Early Years (1981-1984) at Close Quarters - and as vinyl friendly as is possible - a new show airs the first Sunday of every month, 9PM GMT (UK).

Post punk at its core, plus a mix of new wave/no wave/cold wave/waving not drowning/alternative/ indie (thinking)/industrial/post industrial (ignore that last one)/eclectic/electro/electronic/dubstep/grime (who makes this stuff up?)/soul/northern soul/mod/modern soul/neo soul/soul jazz/jazz funk (errr... maybe)/funk/psych/popcorn (blame the Belgians)/pop (remember that?)/(roots) reggae/dancehall/breakbeat/broken beat/beats wot broke/folk/folk talking/folktronica/'D-I-S-C-O'/world (where does that start and end?)/local/lo-fi/ garage/r&b/d&b (both sorts of each of those last three 'sorts')/house (the years that mattered)/techno/chill out/am…bi…ent…/downtempo/trip hop/hip hop ('don’t stop!')/oddities/rarities/the bleedin' obvious (if you know me)/unreleased/never to be released/lost gems/lost causes/lost and found/'found sounds' (ahem)/mash-ups/unofficial re-edits*… and that one your mum actually liked. A banjo might occasionally crop up, but I'll warn you, it's only fair. Moodswings eternal but if something's missing from the above, there could well be a good reason.

Along these journeys there will be a scratch here and there (for that 'lived in' feel), the occasional 'sonically challenged' sound, a few shout outs, an artist might say 'Hi' and/or iD the show, an anonymous female will always say 'Hello', and I'll say a little bit more… not much, just a little. My voice won't lift you but unless you're clinically dead, track nine, show two (for instance) really should, as it's all about the music. A playlist with full track details will be uploaded within 48 hours of each show airing and feel free to forward comments, it's a two way thing.

If I never add another track to the arsenal at quality control, I'll currently run out of fuel for this sonic fire somewhere between shows #120 and #200... if I ever get that far. So, the hunt for more old and new bits to include and make the ears smile always goes on. But if the well does run dry I will stop. On the purely vinyl thing, let's quote Henry Rollins: "In a way, my records are an investment - an investment in the preservation of what’s left of my sanity." Ayyyyyymen to that!

The shows are free but if you do feel a kindred spirit with me and/or what's being played, please consider donating - via Patreon - anything from a euro/dollar/pound/whatever upwards per show. It will help offset the equipment, website and audio file hosting costs and maybe acknowledge the time and effort involved in putting the shows together. Patreon supports 'content creators' and you becoming a 41 Rooms 'Patron' will help keep the ball rolling and the shows' archive alive. No pressure though, seriously. If the podcast gets properly off the ground I'll look to scale rewards to the level of donation - a t-shirt, a limited run 7", entrance to a 41 Rooms' promoted gig... who knows?

* Paraphrasing an ancient UK TV comedy sketch, with the occasional track, we'll be playing all the right parts... but not necessarily in the right order.

Why 41 Rooms? Thank the MM girl. That 41 Rooms is here; thank the Pixelpod guys.
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts

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