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I provide gamers with a rich, honest, and in-depth look at modern video games, helping them decide which games are worth their time and money, and which ones they should simply walk away from. My reviews break games down into a comprehensive list of scores based on examples from the game itself, and show these qualities for what they really are. Doing this consistently takes time, research, and as much help as I can get. Every review video I make takes between 20 and 100 hours to produce. Please consider contributing towards the production of helpful consumer media and a better tomorrow of game reviews for all.

In addition to reviews, I try to provide game related animations, comedy, and information. The vast majority of the games you see as well as the hardware and software used to produce the videos all comes out of my pocket (a price I'm more than willing to pay), so by supporting me here, you are going above and beyond what I expect of my viewers. My hope is that I can inform and entertain, anything beyond that is gravy.
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This is roughly the average amount I spend each month on Indie games. This can cover anywhere from three-to-five small Indie titles, or as few as only one or two larger ones.
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