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BACKING TRACKS in 3 different keys with separate versions with click track for practice for:
> The following 3 songs:
- Far Over The Misty Mountains Cold from The Lord of the Rings
- The Last of the Mohicans
- Kiss the Rain by Yiruma
> All new backing tracks released in that month
> Each month I will also share with  you 2 from the arhive (if you want to get them all at once join the next tier).
The keys will be:
- Original, or C/Am if I believe it makes it easier for Recorer players
- D/Bm for Tin Whislte players
- A/F#m or another suitable key (for Violin, Duduk etc.) *

* These I will only create AFTER one of my subscribers asks me. This way, if I improve the backing track later, I don't have to save it so many times.

SOUND AMBIENT for deep meditation (Theta brain state)
This is a special web page where you can listen to 3 different variations of this drum track in 4bpm (beats per minute) which helps you go into the deeper level of Theta. NO technology (hemisync, etc.) used, just the drum rhythm itself is enough!

Useful for deep meditation, rest and regeneration (to boost immunity) and shamanic journeys. There you will find:
- 3 different variations of track
- the meditation technique explained
- tips for focus and keeping discipline
- resources to help you stay on the path (podcast recommendations, etc.)

SOUND AMBIENTS recreating the atmosphere from movies, games or nature. They offer several different audio tracks you can choose from, depending on your mood. Three are ready, which are called:
- The Witcher camps in the forests of Vellen
- Water Drops in a cave
- Relaxing shamanic drum meditation

- an energetic trance-ambient piece with frame drum which will be ready soon
- I may also release various other songs, such as:
- trance / ambient music
- flute improvisations and meditative music
- covers of pieces I can legally share such as classical pieces and folk songs
  • Exclusive content

Wind Whisperer

per month
All of the above plus:

AN ADDITIONAL SOUND PORTAL with a track designed for creativity / intuition (Alpha brain state)

ALLL THE BACKING TRACKS THAT ARE READY at the time you join from the movie and video game soundtrack collection + any new ones I release each month.

These will be ready within two weeks:
- Concerning the Hobbits from The Lord of the Rings
- Dune Mesiah from the miniseries Children of Dune
- Athair ar Neamh by Enya

There are many more that are almost ready but I don't know exactly when I'll be able to publish them.

AUDIO DOWNLOADS for all songs listed in the previous tier as I am able to realease them, such as personal compositions, flute improvisations and covers I can legally share, such as classical pieces, songs where I was able to reach the composer to get their permission or traditional folk songs.
  • Exclusive content

Keeper of the Groove

per month
All of the above plus:

For any backing track where I didn't include a guiding solo (such as a low volume harp or piano), you can ask me and I will add it for you (1 request per month from each of you). In general if I didn't include it, it's because I wasn't able to find the MIDI (which I can directly convert to a solo), and I would have to manually inputing the notes.

- I will take suggestions in the comments for each backing track and depending on what most of you will desire, I can make one or maybe two different variations. For example:
- I can make them longer so you can play 3 or 4 verses
- I can make them change key mid-song so you can play on tin whistle and then flute or bansuri
- I can use brass and woodwinds along with strings
- I can use a choir
- I can add more or less drums

AN ADDITIONAL SOUND PORTAL for deep healing and regeneration, with a track designed to take you to the Delta State (3.6 bpm), very useful for rest and rejuvenation (also called Stillpoint in craniosacral work)

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About Dan Mihăescu

Hi! I'm Dan, and I teach meditation and energetic practices for health and vitality. Meditation is what led me to discover therapeutic drumming and much later, to learn how to create healing drum music myself.

My musical journey started about 2 years ago with the flute, actually. I did play some guitar when I was very young, but didn't stick with it. I did, however, stick with the flute and took pretty much weekly lessons for about 2 years.

I play 5 different woodwinds: Flute, Bansuri, Tin Whistle, Recorder and Armenian Duduk.

When I began to study music theory on my own, via online courses, I became interested in creating not only uplifting pieces (celtic-style music, etc.), but also soundscapes. I was inspired by a few other sites that offer these acoustic ambient mixes and wanted to create my own.

I also play the frame drum and create ambient music in Ableton Live.

See, I was introduced to meditation by two shamans who taught me how to stop my mind by simply laying down and noticing the sensations in my body. And while we were practicing this meditation and other techniques here, in the Romanian mountains, they often used drum tracks specifically designed to help deepen our meditation, especially from the work of Byron Metcalf.

However, even those tracks didn't help me NEARLY as much as the type of drum tracks that I am learning how to do now.

And while I already know how to create a few types of meditation music, one of my goals is to take a Drum Healing Course with a researcher who has studied the effects of rhythm on the brain for more than 20 years.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts

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