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About BlackSheepGangOfficial

Welcome to Black Sheep Queens wonderful abode, all are welcome!!

I'm just a young hustlin' Urban artist trying to find my way through this new and improved life filled with A.I the only way to be successful or taken serious is to invest not only money but time and devotion into our own platform and it can seem scary at first. The thought of being incharge of our own growth and following can be intimidating but i accept the challenge!! so with that being said i welcome the new journey and look forward to sharing what i have to offer this world. I am not limited to only ONE outlet but yet multiple creative outlets. I love to Blog and write and discuss all types of things about the human brain and the psychosis behind all of mans decisions in choices and judgement in life that hinder some of us due to the lack of empathy and understanding and most importantly, FORGIVENESS. I have lived a very traumatic &&_ rough life as i still do. I guess you could say i am a victim to the streets, victim of abuse and victim to society's ridiculous expectations when it comes to bettering ourselves with no outlet to build from!! it's time to shine light on all the darkness that people seem to just brush under their rugs among-st others as well hoping the problem will just disappear. I am a convicted felon struggling to make ends meet. its time these walls break down. I know i am not the only one struggling with this. But I rap, I sing, i do a bit of everything. I am a inventor, designer, blogger, over thinker, dreamer and an intuitive soul who is very open minded when it comes to spirituality. I am NOT a bible thumper, i am a realist and a conscious multi-dimensional being ready to shock you with the knowledge i carry inside me all the years. i guess i am unlike no other you have ever seen nor met. and ive been depressed for a long time due to not connecting with others in a way that i would like to because i am super sensitive to the earths energy and the universe as well, Im trying to make sense here without having to go too deep. I need to find my crowd and hopefully grow from here. I dont have much when it comes to material things because not all of us start from something. a lot of us start from nothing and i am in that percentage. i embrace it. i am just thankful i have these free outlets to at least get myself started. I am a small business owner as well. cleaning business, so contact me about that if interested in any services in my area. I am looking to transfer and move. just have to wait for a few things to unfold and let me go! you already know. I am book smart and street smart. I can literally specialize in psychology just by what i have endured in day to day life. I like to address myself as a StarSeed, Chosen one. Enlightened one. I have a 10 year old autistic son who is the greatest sweetest boy you'd ever meet. Single mother since birth. I created a clothing line called Black Sheep Gang, meaning the black sheep of the family. Not being accepted because we are different so having to be on my own and raise myself has turned me into a monster but a empathetic one! a lot of people can relate to that, with so much more that comes with being a black sheep! I am the soul provider and creator of it and i am very much so proud! it will be available soon online for purchase. 
i just want to connect with like minded people! i also support Suicide awareness to the absolute fullest! i still struggle from that today and anything that i can do to help ease the mind of a broken hearted inmate of this world then i will. I am good at what i do and i can save a life just by being somebodys outlet for closure on whats killing them inside! simple as that! lets get this thing started.
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