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This tier is for people who simply feel like supporting my work  and you can donate as much as you want.

Most of my comics will be public anyways on here and Instagram so you really don't have to do this, unless you really want me to be able to feed the dog and myself tonight and finally move under a nicer bridge in a better suburb and stop selling rat dairy products as tofu to vegans for a living.

Just kidding, I appreciate immensely every single one of you who's supporting me through this out of laughs and love so I don't actually have to get a real job like you nut cases out there! Ha-Ha! Just kidding, please don't go.

And of course you also get one minor perk: you can request me a drawing in my style of anything you wish or I can just draw you something random, up to you pal! and I'll email it to you in good resolution so you can boost  about it with your friends.

Seriously though, thanks heaps, people! I like you a lot! So be nice please cause I don't want to like someone bad :)

Thanks a lot!!!

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This tier is for rich people only, like seriously.

You get nothing but can brag to your friends you donated much more than them and you can tell them that I personally emailed you and said you are my favorite Patron, cause probably you will be since you are basically giving me the most for the least amount of effort, even this tier paragraph is gonna be the shorter, like, fo-real.

Also make sure you are like really rich, and it's like you, not your parents, cause their money is for the divorce not for you.

If you are not super rich and just rich like average rich, I need you to understand that this option can downgrade you to middle class, and we don't want that cause they smell of poor, so be mindful of your actions, and if the tax people come asking for me or for you, remember, we don't know and have never seen each other.

Thanks a lot!!!



About thequirkycomics

Hi and welcome to my patreon page!
Thequirkycomics is something I always had in the back of my mind and it's now in the back of your mind hopefully ahaha I'm freeeee!
Just kidding.
This is a collection of my own comics inspired by mine and my friend's everyday life struggles and giggles.
Hopefully you find it funny enough to have a laugh and forget about that 20 page assignment due tomorrow or those two reports you are supposed to get on your boss's desk before tonight but you were too busy reading my comics, BUT ALSO GO AND DO THEM! cause you need to make a living to support me, so go back to work and milk those capitalist titties and make us both rich!
Anyways I make these comics because it makes me laugh and laughing is good cause science says it  is and I thought maybe I could be less selfish and more generous and share some laugh with the world. And then I found out Patreon exists and I'm not sure what I'm gonna do with this but I'll come up with something, like perks and stuff.
If you like my work and want to support me as a person or even as a dog 🐕 or an owl 🦉, I'd appreciate that immensely and I'll forever be grateful for the next 5 minutes.
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When I reach this goal I'll eat a banana and drink some orange juice, because life is good.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts