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About Simon’s Reptiles

hey there! welcome!🥰 and may i say you look nice today? Here you get to join me on my journey through this crazy world, with my beardie PJ, and my savannah monitor hot pocket. I run a reptile rescue for all reptiles and amphibians, from geckos to bearded dragons. So far I’ve rehabbed, rescued, and rehomed over 30 reptiles. 🦎
   Reptiles are the silent beautiful beasts of the world, to the vividly splattered dart frogs, to massive multicolored iguanas, and sadly we take them for granted. Reptiles abuse is one of the most common forms of animal abuse around the world 🥺
    A short story of how I got guppie, I was going through Craigslist when i saw him, i knew I had to have him, when I picked him up I could see how terrible of a condition he was in, his arms were twisted backwards from no lights, (he had no UVB, heat, or light at all), his snout was short and bent, and he was so overweight he couldn’t pick himself up (he was only fed eggs and dog food), and he could badly breathe, he was sweet as ever though, and smiled through it all, when I brought him to the vet she couldn’t recognize him as a Savannah monitor at all, as of now he isn’t on the road to recovery and is stuck with me as he fights for his future 🤜💓 I’m so proud of him. 
    You also get a look into my art journey, as I grow and build my portfolio by drawing you guys pets and requests!
   Anyhow, thank you, even just for stopping in. You are my inspiration and I wouldn’t be here without you, so, if no one else is, let me tell you I am so proud of you, and you matter, if not to anyone else in the whole world, you matter to me 💓🦎

things you get when you subscribe! 
-priority requests
-private chatting!
-name my rescues!
-pick video topics, get shouted out
-custom drawings etc
remember everything I make goes towards saving more reptiles, so even if you don’t want anything else, you get to know your saving a life.

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