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Our eternal gratitude, a subscription to our forthcoming monthly newsletter PodNews, an official Podnose badge, a Podnose t-shirt (be sure to message us with your size) and your name of choice on our Patreon page on the Podnose site! Plus, more rewards to be announced!




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Podnose is the UK's leading independent entertainment podcasting network. As of writing, we have over 800 episodes across more than 25 podcasts. The site turned one year old in September. We have an increasing listenership and the door is open to anyone who is of a creative, forward-thinking mind who wants to bring their energy and ideas through the medium of podcasting. The content is free - but the maintenance is not. We want to offer far, far more, and essentially the only way we're going to do this is through funding. With a skeleton staff, voluntary help and with the extensive work of our podcasters, we are going steady. However, in order to develop and grow - to keep the door open - we need to fund Podnose.

The funding would initially go towards the daily admin of the site in terms of essential payments towards Squarespace, Simplecast, Soundcloud, Mail Chimp and numerous other cogs in the machine that ultimately allows the site to keep going. As more subscribers come on board, the funding will go towards various aspects of the site such as a radio live stream, video production, newsletter exclusives, a recording space for the Podnose community - and of course help our fellow podcasters and behind-the-scenes admin, staffers and volunteers to keep going too.

Whatever goes towards Podnose will help build a creative community which everyone is welcome to be a part of on a greater level, albeit as a listener, a podcaster or anyone who has an idea or feels inspired to develop a project on their own. We want to help build this community and we want to welcome anyone who wants to be a part of it. With Patreon, we have a greater chance of making this possible.

Shows on the network include:

A weekly comedy & satirical podcast presented by Davian Dent & Kat Sørens. Tackling the stupid so you don't have to.

Is there a movie you like that no one else gets? Or hasn't even heard of? Cinema Limbo is the home for movies whose time has come for revaluation. Hosted by Jeremy Phillips.

The Internet’s favourite British sitcom podcast! Since April 2013, a weekly discussion on situation comedy, with topics alternating between specific programmes and general aspects of the genre, plus special guests and interviews. Hosted by Gary Rodger.

A podcast about podcasts, bringing the world of podcasting to the UK via reviews and interviews. Hosted by George Grimwood.

Greg & Joe aka 'The All Seeing Guys' taking on the world we live in. Well, some one has speak up in this big dumb world. We haven't studied journalism, or have any experience in what we are doing, didn't even go uni, we are both just two guys, who work in retail & have done for years, so seen a hell of lot of strange & wonderful things, we like a beer at pub & chatting shit. After joking about it for years we decided to just go for it. Make a podcast, share our opinions, stories & hear yours, and of course, have a fucking laugh doing it, so crack open a beer, pour a glass of rum, light a zute, switch on or switch off, just listen & laugh. The All Seeing Guys have got you.

Whaaaat’s up, my honkies? Join Booze in London, England (or as we call it… London), Chuck Turtleman in North Carolina and Beardo on the island of Australia as we take to the skies in the SFJ News ‘copter to bring you disabled cats, the people of the South East Asian Chinaregions, individuals looking sad near things, dramatic readings from our Idiots of Facebook and usually at least one monkey. Oh, and don’t worry… we edit.

Gary Rodger (aka Mooncat) and Tilt Araiza (aka Ocho) bring Sitcom Club-style discussion to things other than sitcoms; they'll take on TV, cinema and other aspects of popular culture, frequently 20th century British fare.

"Here is a chance to catch up with two guys, in a band from South East London branching into the world of podcasts! Andrew will be answering any questions that are thrown at him, being the cunning linguist he is, I (Cris) personally gain so much joy listening to his long-winded answers. Together we pointlessly bloviate, listen to Andrew's joke of the week and generally have a rip roaring old time! Thanks for checking us out and hope you enjoy and continue to listen! Many thanks, CRIS AND DREW."
$21 of $300 per month
At $300, all reoccurring costs that go towards running the site on a monthly basis will be covered! Once we have reached this goal, we will then be able to focus on external costs such as new equipment, studio hire, merchandise and of course giving something back to our podcasters.
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