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About Cheri Fields

No one needs more screen time. But we have so much to learn. That’s why I love podcasts!
I decided to create the CS4K Show in 2014 while thinking about the needs of my own family. We had a reluctant reader. We needed a way to engage the kids in the Bible on their level and also in science- even though none of my student aged kids were much into it.
God has blessed me with generations of godly wisdom in my life. With a podcast I could share what has been shown to me with others who may not have been given so much.
Plus, when it’s time to do a science report, what could be more motivating to take it seriously than to be sharing with other kids across the world?
The show launched in January, 2015, and every time I’ve been tempted to quit I think about you and the benefit it is giving my own family as well.
Before recording each episode we take a minute to pray, thanking God for the technology, and most of all asking for wisdom so we can share with you the best we can. May you find each episode helps you appreciate God, his Word, and his creation better than before!
Thank you for taking the time to consider supporting our work. Running this podcast is more expensive than hosting a website. It also takes the most time of all the projects I do (besides a full scale book). But I believe it is worth it, and by joining us, you are agreeing that it is valuable in your life as well.
Thank you!
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