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I am an atheist (Ex-Muslim) from Pakistan I was born in a conservative Muslim family. I had lot questions about Islam and God and life of Muhammad and in 2015 I start looking for answers in that make sense to the rational mind that islam says in the eyes of God every human is equal and he is just then why he take sides in wars and orders one group to kill other humans and if God will judge on the day of judgment than why Islam punish people from critical thinking and on leaving islam and on blasphemy and many other things if god is judge why islam is used as a tool to control peoples live in this world let people make choices by their own free will why islam want to control the life of an individual. The muhammad portrayed by muslim scholars that he was a peaceful man after being attacked in Pakistan by mula during Islamabad sit-in by them when I was going to work. I ask them if islam is peaceful then why you are using violence they answer me, prophet also using violence to control his critics and i use to believe that muhammad is a best role model and he was a peaceful man and after research when I saw how he ordered to kill his critics like Asma bint Marwan and many others and in war of Khaybar how army of muhammad killed every male adult and raped their women that was a big shock for me that how a just and most merciful god can give orders like this and I also heard about war of Khaybar by local iman in my area I went to him and ask him questions about killing and rape of Sofia in Khaybar he ask me to come to his mosque and as I ask him the question in a very polite way but he slapped me and 7 to 8 people start kicking me on my head in January of this year 2019 and they warn me if you doubt in islam and ask these "stupid questions" we will fix you and they keep watching where I am going and my every move and in 18 June of this year 2019 two guys from thareeq e labaq attacked me and snatched my mobile and when I went to the police about the attack they didn't listen to me and they told me they can do nothing against them and they blocked my mobile and gave me mobile snatching report and after two to three days TLP called me and threatened me with violence that we will fix you and i went in hiding and looking after ways to leave Pakistan and Azerbaijan was the fastest way to leave Pakistan because mula found lot videos on Islam and I was reading the book of Christopher Hitchens "God is not great and religion poisons everything" and my views on islam and after that, they contacted my family and everyone went against me and I start receiving threats from mula and mula ask my father to make me repent when I refused they put a fatwa on my life and now I am hiding in Baku Azerbaijan full of fear of losing my life.
sir, please help me to move from Azerbaijan if they find out it is very easy for them to come to Azerbaijan or if anyone find out about my veiw here that can put my life at risk and in Pakistan under 295C in a death sentence for criticizing islam in Pakistan. Sir please save my life from this evil barbaric religion Islam.
I need to fund my living cost and to keep myself safe and fund my study.
<wbr> I will be thankful to you.

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