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Hey!  I'm Aidan - an independent developer who's a big fan of open source software.  I develop in Python, Objective-C, and a few other scripting languages, but my specialty is Java.  In 2011 I started developing mods for Minecraft, and I still do so today with Mekanism.

I love what I do and have no plans of stopping, but supporting me will ensure that financial issues don't hold me back.  I'll make sure there's something in it for you if you do :)
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You have my respect, admiration, and gratitude.  Even the smallest amount of support really encourages me.
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All the previous perks, as well as your very own MekaCape :)
Just send me proof and your username in an email and I'll hook you up.
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All the previous perks, as well as a Mekanism Premium membership for as long as you're a supporter!
Send me an email with proof and you will receive a key for the development server, allowing you to receive ad-free builds as soon as I push them.
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All the previous perks, as well as voice on the #mekanism IRC channel - located on  Send me a PM with proof :)
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All of the previous perks!  Your name will be in the credits on my website, and I will implement a feature into Mekanism at your request, given that it flows with the Mekanism theme, is not too crazy, and you provide me a detailed description of what you want.
$17 of $200 per month
This will eliminate the need for on new and old Mekanism builds.
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