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About TeacupAudio

Hey, I'm TeacupAudio!

I'm here to further myself as a voice actress and bring you some amazing content.

I specialise in ASMR character role-plays which can vary from light and fluffy scenarios to the more dark and painful, and somewhere in between some sensual audios too. As well as this I'm also open to requests, ideas and commission work.

So, a little bit more about ASMR:
ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response! Listening to ASMR content can lead to a euphoric experience, such as a tingling sensation on the skin that usually begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine. Ultimately, these audios are all about getting the listener to have fun, immerse themselves in the content and unwind from the day.

So, why support me? Donations enable me to produce more content, explore new ideas, and invest in better equipment. As such, I can achieve a higher quality of audio and better both the roleplaying and ASMR experience.

Any kind, shape or size of donation would be amazing! If you feel like giving even the tiniest amount to this silly-yet-extremely-passionate-person then I would be extremely grateful.

Thank you so much. 

All the best,
Teacup x


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874 of 1500 patrons
We did it, Teacups! 1000+ Patrons!

I cannot describe how blown away I am. You guys deserve everything and more. So, please get hyped because next week there is going to an hour long audio to celebrate this accomplishment!

Our next goal is to hit 1500 patrons. Think we can do it? Well, we won't know unless I put my pipes to the test and bring you the content you deserve. 

Thank you all so much for enabling me to increase both quality and quantity of audios. You are making my dream a reality. 

All the best,
Teacup x
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