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Long-term, impactful changes is what I am here to do. What I love to do is help others. This has been the case for as I can remember.

The Force Training is Professional Bike Fitting at The Force Training Performance studio and  Endurance Sports coaching with certifications from Fit Institute Slow Twitch, biomechanics cert's from MedBridge and Primal Health Coach. 
I have spent the last 14 years working with and coaching enthusiasts and coaching athletes to events like the Olympics, World Championships, winning Professional National Titles, many Jr National Titles, Paris Roubaix experiance, and directing elite and professional men's & women's cycling teams.

Today and nearly every day I have a profound sense of love, as well as impending doom for what it is I do for a living. This is something that haunts me nearly on a daily basis. What it is I do and what I am spending my time doing are two very different things. What I do, especially the expert bike fitting is needed by EVERYONE in the cycling community that has not had a fit by a cycling expert. Most cyclist, bike shops are too quick to overlook the risks associated with poor mechanics because cycling has so low impact that massive muscle development imbalances, muscle firing disorders can all happen to a server level before andy serious pain develops that sidelines someone. I have seen it take years for some people to get back to the stable state there body was in. Sure they are aerobically fit on the bike, but they are a mess in anything functional. 

I really do what I love. I love what I do. I push myself to know myself better. I am really hoping this works and we grow together.

Thank you and most of all enjoy.

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