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About Mark Bleckley

For generations, it has been the dream of creators Mark and Josh to author a successful webcomic. You may recall their first attempt, “Acorn Grove” (check it out at plug plug), which was published back in the ‘oughts.

Since then, the duo has come up with dozens of comic strip concepts, each of them more exciting, or absurd, than the last. However, they were never able to decide which one to publish.
Would it be the apocalyptic fantasy epic “Indigo Angel”? Or perhaps the collegiate misadventures in “Across the University”? How about a magical realist backwoods retelling of Norse myth, or a continuation of the slapstick insanity of “Acorn Grove”?

Then it dawned on them! Why not do all of them?
That’s the essence of “Cease and Desist”. Starting with the misadventures of a has-been movie producer, we will springboard into a plethora of worlds, characters and stories, some of them wholly new, others re-mixed from popular culture.

We're now underway, updating each Tuesday and Thursday, with expansion plans for full-time content (Which means the more you pledge, the more comics we can make!). Any amount is appreciated!
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