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About Dave Morris & Leo Hartas

Who are we?

We're two friends who have worked together as writer and artist on a whole bunch of projects since our very first published work, a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure style gamebook called Crypt of the Vampire. We love fantasy, we love comics, and we love the Victorian and Edwardian eras - which is how Mirabilis: Year of Wonders was born.

What is Mirabilis?
It’s an ongoing comics epic set in a year when a green comet appears in the sky and fantasy spills over into reality. The story will be told over four seasons (Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn – what else?) and we figure it's going to be around 1000 pages. Which probably means it will be a lot longer.

What age group is it for?
We call Mirabilis an all-ages comic, not that that really pins anything down. If it were a novel it would be on the Young Adult shelves - and, like all YA, that means it can be enjoyed by anybody from middle grade to adult.

What’s the story about?
It’s about the human sense of wonder. The power of the imagination. It’s how we can see hope on a battlefield, find love across a barricade, and face certain death to save another's life. So that’s the deep theme, the idea that's right at the heart of our tale, but this is a big canvas and every story starts with people. So let’s meet our two heroes…

Jack Ember is an orphan from the backstreets of London. Estelle Meadowvane has grown up in a huge country house with no friends her own age. Jack dreams of adventure but his only way out of poverty is to join the army. Estelle studies the heavens and tries to tolerate the boys who can’t see her brains for her beauty.

Any other time these two could never be friends, let alone anything more. But this is the year of wonders. Anything can happen.

How does Patreon fit in?
We're going to post up two new pages of the comic here every week. Our backers have access to those as they appear, every Monday and Friday. Even if you can't spare $1 a month you can read lower-res versions of all the issues to date over on the Mirabilis website, but we hope you'll want to be a part of this yourself. We need your support!
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Whoever said "every little bit helps" was right. We appreciate any contribution. It makes a huge difference to us, not only in funding but (more importantly) because above all else creators need readers.

This is our wildest-dreams target. If we can reach it then Leo would be working on Mirabilis full-time and Nikos & Mike can colour new pages as fast as Leo gets them ready. That would mean we could switch up to realeasing a new page of the comic every two days, and that way we'd be able complete eight whole issues (a full season's worth) every year.

We'd love to spend our whole time immersed in making Mirabilis, but no matter what level of funding you can be sure we're going to keep the comic coming!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 165 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 165 exclusive posts

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