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For any fans of the BC Dick Chix (formerly on Blogger and Tumblr, among other places), this is your one stop for any new and formerly unreleased BC Dick Chix art. Anyone who is farmiliar with my BC Dick Chix art will know what to expect, but to those not familiar, be warned, the fetishes depicted here are not for everyone, and some may find the artwork here too gross. Artwork here all includes trans-women with impossibly huge genitals, and most include lots of smegma, peeing, stinkiness, and other varieties of nastiness. If you're like me an that's what gets you going, then enjoy! 

Any fetishes in a picture will be detailed so you will know what is in the picture before selecting it. I could really use some money, so I greatly appreciate all who support me.

Also, most previously posted artwork from the past will be reposted here for free to all patrons.

TAKE NOTE - This Patreon, while it will certainly get plenty of updates, is not directly my top priority, but more a means to raise money for something else I am working on. Please understand that goals met will not ensure more content, and new, paid posts will not be going up on a consistent schedule. There will definitely be a handful of new posts a month, as well as more old content reposted here for free for patrons, but new artwork will usually be decently spaced, and there is currently no guaranteed life span of posts. If posts were to come to an end at some point, I will promptly let all know with several posts to allow cancellation of subscription.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 61 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 61 exclusive posts

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