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About Geek Therapy Radio

We are ALL geeks about something, and that is a beautiful thing! This Patreon is to support my ability to explore the subjects that make us tick each week and bring the geeky goodness to you.

From cars to computers, retro electronics to bleeding-edge technology, science to art...and practically everything in between...there is so much to explore in this world! The ultimate goal of GTR is to help others, especially those suffering from depression, to rekindle their old hobbies or discover a new one through exploring my own and others' hobbies and interests.

Your donation will not only help me bring you content and pay my bills, but offers some perks as well, usually in the form of bonus content and uncut interviews/segments/shout-outs. Sometimes I have notable guests on that are edited for time constraints among other things. Pledges will have access to the full, uncut audio as it arises. Plus, anything else I decide to give away. Sometimes I pull parts off my 1983 Delorean...fancy a radiator hose from an iconic classic? :)

Plus, 5% per month, pre-tax, goes to Mental Health America ( to help those with mental illness.

Thank you for your consideration!

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Full Disclosure: I will never plug my Patreon in any content that contains a paid advertisement. It wouldn't feel right to advertise to you then ask for donations in the same episode. Your monthly donation will help me keep the lights on, feed myself and my small family, and fund projects to bring you content. That is, after at least 5% goes to help those with mental health issues first.

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