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Everything happens for a greater purpose!

Our life is as if upon a sheet of plate glass suspended high above the ground. The clouds of the world and our own sin nature pass
over raining ball bearings. With god in us we catch most but an occasional one we miss. Glass shattering, we helplessly plummet,
reaching our hands skyward. A cry out, "God help us" as we fall swiftly downward.
Moments from disaster his hand lifts us faster to an even higher more humbling view. Where the glass is a little thicker, the clouds and
ball bearings are fewer. Our hearts with joy and lips sing praise setting high in a safer place.
This experience many times repeated and many falls behind us, each time we found gods hand beneath us, each time a higher place
,each time the glass thicker, each time fewer clouds, each time a little more humbling, each time a little more praise. ............................
Standing on a seemingly infinite glass pillar with not a cloud in sight, we stand in wonder and endless praise. I fall to my knees and
speak "God please hear me" Many times we would have surely perished,,,, for many times we have fallen , The mouth of the world is
carnal that lusts for the taste of our death, with teeth of smoke and mirrors, and stench of deceit on its breath. But you my God have
answered our every prayer and delivered us from it. You placed us on high and out of reach from the clouds that gather in numbers.
Hear me Lord for our heart cries out and gives you many thanks............ it was then God spoke…... Thanks indeed oh faithful servants
for you have endured much. Some that have seen you fall and rise has followed in your ways. Because of your witness they too will be
saved. See my child the glass is no thicker beneath you, and the clouds are not few. The world,, it still surrounds you, it is your faith that
has seen you through.

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