Mutual Aid Action Los Angeles

is creating space for safety, food security and community liberation.

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$1 - Restroom Access

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reward item
per month
One year of monthly $1.00 donations allows us to buy cleaning supplies to maintain our restroom -- which is open daily and accessible to houseless folks, throughout the year.

You will receive our quarterly newsletter and the joy of helping provide an essential resource to your fellow Angelinos.

$5 - Sanitizer

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reward item
per month
Every donation of $5 can buy a bottle of pump hand sanitizer. M.A.A.L.A is essential to many people in the community, being able to provide and have hand sanitizer at the center in these times is a must.

You will receive our quarterly newsletter, a sticker, and that good clean feeling that comes with providing an essential resource to your fellow Angelinos

$10 - Detergent

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reward item
per month
Every donation of $10 buys us a case of 8 laundry detergent bottles that we give away at our location to families in the community who turn to us for household goods and support.

You will receive our quarterly newsletter, sticker, a button, and the fresh scent of providing an essential resource to your fellow Angelinos.



About Mutual Aid Action Los Angeles

Mutual aid is a community agency of the people, practicing solidarity rather than charity, non-reliant on external structures or government.

Mutual Aid Action Los Angeles (M.A.A.L.A) has been working in and around MacArthur Park for over 13 years to provide a place where people can come together and interact beyond, and against, the systems that keep them separated and subjugated.

We understand access to food, health, housing, education, legal aid, art and culture as an innate right of all people – and we take communal action towards meeting such needs. Since 2007, M.A.A.L.A has maintained a weekly free food program -- we give large boxes of fresh produce and healthy food to the community, no questions asked. This is a form of protest against the normalized violence that the city takes against its residents when it denies access to essential resources and criminalizes poverty.

In 2015, we opened a community center filled with free food, pay-as-you-can clothing, blankets, school supplies, and home conveniences. The center is also a gathering space for community workshops, meetings and celebrations, and a safe space for our LGBTQ+ and POC siblings.

Here is just a short overview of more of the work that M.A.A.L.A. does to strive for a future where all of the residents of this city have the power to thrive:

  • Education: College guidance and support, college & financial aid applications support, after-school tutoring, information about ICE and Law Enforcement, know-your-rights information, skill sharing.
  • Employment: Resume writing, job search assistance, referrals.
  • Housing: Fair market searches, application help, guidance on Section 8 housing and the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC), workshops and meetings on Tenants’ Rights.
  • Transformative Justice: We emphasize non-police centered community empowerment support, and provide transformative justice based mediation. We also write letters in support of political prisoners.
  • The Arts: Classes and workshops for youth and adults, art shows, installations.

Until today, we have done all of this on a shockingly low budget. We achieve so much in this collective, and additional funding would allow us to continue the services we provide while covering the costs of essentials.

We are constantly striving to advance the services available to the community and create new possibilities. We truly appreciate any and all monetary support. 

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