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BallotFox seeks to improve U.S. General Presidential voting and 'The Vote'.
BallotFox is a not for profit offering of TrueCount USA, LLC, a 501-C3 corporation, is politically neutral and aspires to achieve no single election outcome over any other. provides an enduring, all-inclusive meeting place where voters of any party may seek each other out for the purpose of making vote-pairing arrangements to affect Swing State results in U.S. General Presidential elections. Effective vote pairing ensures the Popular Vote and the Electoral College Vote produce the same outcome, resulting in heightened popular satisfaction with presidential election results.
Under prevailing State Electoral Vote Practices & Procedures, the highest & best use of each U.S. Presidential Vote requires:
A. That no Rebublican should cast their Presidential vote in a Democrat Safe State AND that no Democrat cast their Presidential vote in a Republican Safe State UNTIL Vote Trading Commitments utilizing EVERY third-party voter in every swing state have been forged.
Losing-Party votes in Safe States AND 3rd Party Votes in Swing States are otherwise summarily wasted, respective to the election of the presidential candidate most preferred by the sum of the voters.
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