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Velvet Scream are an unsigned band based in stockport UK. we are no doubt the most charismatic band around. being in a band is a lot of hard work, literally blood, sweat and tears lol. but i love being the lead singer and performing is my passion. its hard when original bands are expected to perform for nothing tho while we have to pay for our rehearsal studio, recording time, equipment, travel not just for gigs but for practice and doing it all along side working. unfortunately i have a few health conditions meaning i cant work full time at the moment but also i dont want to give up my happiness by not being able to afford it.
unsigned original bands are a good cause, they could be the next big thing! please support us and the unsigned music scene. we will post behind the scene footage here and also provide early track/ music video releases to keep you in the loop!
thanks in advance! keep rockin!
i have included a video from my last adventure, we are hoping to be able to go back to the studio to finish 4 songs that just need a little more work.

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