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Nostalgic Gamer ( Patron)

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  • Acess to all Channel Games themes available in 2k or 4k 60fps
  • Acess to the game themes exclusive in  the post.
  • Early access Mame Project
    * Access to the early acess theme "Ready for day one"
    * Exclusif pack of themes all the month
  • Acess to the Community ( tips , good adress , tuto)

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All the advantages mentioned above but with a size bonus!

Access to the collection pack ! 

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*A complete full Media Collection by month , ( Game themes ,icons ,intro, background and custom big box collection exclusive)

Actually available : 

Mario Collection :
*19 Games themes / 2 Intros Sytems / 20 icons / Background animated on demand.

Zelda Collection:
* 22 Games themes / 2 Intros Systems / 23 icons / Background animated on demand .

Castlevania Collection:
*26 Games themes/ 2 Intros Systems / 27 icons clear logo/  2 Background on demand

Street Fighter Collection :
*23 Games themes / 5 Intros Systems / 24 icons / Background animated on demand.

King of Fighters Collection:
*12 Games themes / 2 Intro Systems / 13 icons /Background animated on demand.

Metal Slug Collection:
* 11 Games themes / 2 Intros Systems / 12 icons / Background animated on demand .

Resident Evil Collection :
17 Games themes / 2 Intros Systems / 18 icons / Background animated on demand.

Prince of Persia Collection:
* 5 Games themes / 1 Intro System / 6 icons

Darksiders Collection:
*4 Game themes / 1 intro System / 5 icons

Coming soon :
Stars Wars Collection :
* 16 Games themes / 1 Intro System / 17 icons /Background animated

Legacy of Kain Collection : 
* 5 Games themes / 1 Intro / 6 icons / Background animated on demand

Assassin's Creed Collection :
10 Game themess / 1Intro / 11 icons / Background animated on demand

to infinity and beyond... 

Update to the old full media collection (game theme and icons)
* Access to the old and new individual collection
* Creation of a custom game theme of your choice
* Early Access BETA Custom global thème "Nostalgic Bedroom"

On request :
* Access to the early access theme "Ready for day one" 

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Front-end Awakener (VIP)

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You have full access to my work, you also benefit from all the other advantages.

In details:

* Creation of a custom system or game theme of your choice
* Early Acess Project Mame (Mame theme remake)
* Access to the Early Access theme "Ready for the first day"
* Access to exclusive themes of patrons
* Access to Full set media collection BY MONTH (wheels / icon / game themes)
* Access to individual collections (more 60)
Access to all the system or playlist systems

* Access to Arcade / Consoles / Handhelds system themes
* Access to theme categories
* Access to genre themes (beat em up, Fighting 3d etc.)

Actually more 40 go of Retro media online !

And it's just the beginning... ;)

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Heart of Gamer

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*** All the advantages of the previous levels are immediately acquired!
**** You are on Launchbox and you have been won over by the system You have an idea for a global theme or you have seen a theme on another frontend that is breathtaking but it is not available on big box and you have no IT or creative skills ....: /
I design and I realize an interface to your images! No limit for me, the hardest part will be to decide!
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About Pademonium Cinematics

If you're a fan of the 80s, lasers, neon lights, cyberpunk and nostalgia for "before" video games then you've come to the right place. In my thirties, I experienced my first emotions of video games in the arcades.
For many players, they remain linked to childhood memories.
Passionate about the culture of video games and nourished by the pop culture of the 80s, its evolution, and having bathed it almost all my life in the game,
Today I pay tribute, by passion, to all these arcade or console titles that have rocked generations of players by creating: Video themes intended for all frontends (Hyperspin / launchbox / Retropie). Editing, creation, editing, translation, photomontages that I gradually learned on the job by sharing / exchanging my creations in many retro gaming communities, sometimes intrigued, enthusiastic or sometimes skeptical.
It will be almost 3 years since I started construction via The association of safeguarding the heritage of the video game (and of the site) HFS playing cinematographic themes, the idea was to resume the work initiated by James Baker on Hyperspin: Rather than making themes with 2.3 png and a wallpaper that moves from left to right and this duel, frozen see academic
Why not integrate the video in hyperspin and more generally in the frontends and make everything more funky?

Really limited and frustrated by the tools and possibilities at the time, I decided to start editing definitively. Well, I didn't know much about it, but when I saw what James was doing, I was inflated and decided to learn how to improve my interface.
Since I covered a lot of systems (around 50), recreating cult intros, making collections, game themes, different tributes for sites like AtariAge, 4 years of editing on sagas that rocked almost all of our ( second) Gamer's life. Lots of anecdotes, meetings with artists / composers / pixel modeller of the YouTube game "underground". I have had the privilege of working with many talented people who deserve a spotlight! (on my scale) in short I touched a little on everything: Pademonium Cinematics today is more than 700 themes.

Crowdfunding seems to me to be the best way for me to maintain this idea of independence.
Through your donations, you offer me unrivaled freedom, and you allow me to continue to brighten up some of your interfaces which, it must be said, are sometimes a little sad.
If you like this idea, do not hesitate to consider the idea of becoming a regular patron, it would affect me enormously and you will become an important part of it.

Why on Patreon? Creation takes a lot of time, I have a full-time job and two princesses. We can be passionate, the days are only 24 hours :).
This page would allow me to free myself time to be able to offer you even more content, there is still so much system to cover, so much to do especially on the side of the recall? And like all those who create in general, it overflows with ideas up there!
I really like the idea of going to things where people don't go, it often helps to change mentalities and break codes!
The patreon also allows me to limit drifts, to keep more or less control over my videos. Unfortunately, I have seen too many of my productions too recently in the hands of malicious people who have never opened editing software in their lives and who profit from the productions.

The big projects of last year

Zelda collection is an ode to zelda fans! A series that was particularly close to my heart and to which I paid tribute by covering the entire saga, even going so far as to completely recreate certain intros of the time (Zelda 2 and Link awakening), before each launch of 'un jeu: A 2.3-minute video reminds you of all the magic and aura that still emanates from this series today. (note that there is also a unified version of 6 themes)

Castlevania Collection is a project that will have monopolized all my attention for a few months I gave a lot so that, through this twenty videos of launches, you can feel all the love I have for this saga. The result is MUCH above my expectations, thanks in large part to the assistance of many artists who allowed me to use their media (Epic music for these completely crazy and electrifying compositions, Rickonami and intro remakes)

Resident evil Collection: The saga of capcom will have kept me in suspense all my adolescence and still continues to surprise me (Resident evil7) Many hours of editing rushed into this collection also which is based on drawing by Rachid lotf who me suddenly very inspired (Huge thanks to him) it is not finished but is already very complete (more than 20 launch themes)


Your participation would also allow me to buy even crazier mounting models, to be able to offer you always and again intros for your systems and always more successful themes see almost pro!
The final objective for me being to be able to produce my own supports in order to be able to offer you 100% Original content

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 87 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 87 exclusive posts

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