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About GeminiGamer


(Remember, Patreon charges you on the first of every month. If you have any questions or queries regarding the series or would like claim your tier reward,
you can email me, or leave a shout here on Kongregate.)

Hello everyone, GeminiGamer aka VasantJ here. If you are reading this, then you are interested in seeing more of Dregg's miserable life in action. For those who are new here, Medieval Cop follows the life of the Pessimist Dregg Morriss, who is a police officer in Medieval times in the country of Rightia where the King is incompetent, the people are miserable and the whole system should be in a mental asylum. You can play the episodes here:
Medieval Cop - The Death of a Lawyer
Medieval Cop 2 - The True Monster
Medieval Cop 3 - The Princess and the Grump
Medieval Cop 4 - The Invidia Games
Medieval Cop 5 - The Secrets of Lucifer's Wings
Medieval Cop 6 - Dregg Me to Hell
Medieval Cop 7 - Adam and Eva
Medieval Cop 8 - DeathWish (Part 1)
Medieval Cop 8 - DeathWish (Part 2)
Medieval Cop 8 - DeathWish (Part 3)
Medieval Cop 9 - Song & Silence (Part 1)
Medieval Cop 9 - Song & Silence (Part 2)
Medieval Cop 9 - Song & Silence (Part 3) - 31st August

OR you may have come here to meet Amber Heart, our newest Cop.
"Medieval Shorts" is a spin off of Medieval Cop with a new heroine, Amber Heart, the newest Officer in Rightia Kingdom. Will she be able to keep up her positive attitude or will she be dragged down to hell like the rest of them. Let's find out in this introductory episode.
Play the episodes here:
Medieval Shorts 1 - My Best First Worst Day
Medieval Shorts 2 - My New Best Friends
Medieval Shorts 3 - My Dr. DontLittle
Medieval Shorts 4 - My Uprising - Part 1
Medieval Shorts 4 - My Uprising - Part 2
Medieval Angel 5 - My Destiny (Part 1)
Medieval Angel 5 - My Destiny (Part 2) - 30th September

OR you are here to meet Ada Graceheart. The very definition of Wolf in Sheep's Clothing. Follow Ada in her own series "Wolf's Bane" as she sinks her terrifying teeth into the criminals of Scion Empire. Play the episodes here:
Wolf's Bane 1 - Pilot
Wolf's Bane 2 - Sinful Beauty
Wolf's Bane 3 - Wolf and Shepherd (Newgrounds)

If all of the above is not enough to satisfy you, then play "Medieval Chronicles".
A Series that focuses more on the characters and their past than the main story as they try to solve a different case each time while handling various hilarious situations.
Play the episodes here:
Medieval Chronicles 1 - Together Forever
Medieval Chronicles 2 - Super Unnatural
Medieval Chronicles 3 - The Curtain Falls
Medieval Chronicles 4 - Burn My Dregg
Medieval Chronicles 5 - The Paradox
Medieval Chronicles 6 - Dead Grump Walking
Medieval Chronicles 7 - Devil May Lie
Medieval Chronicles 8 - Skybound (Part 1)
Medieval Chronicles 8 - Skybound (Part 2)
Medieval Chronicles 9 - Dregg : Internal (Part 1)
Medieval Chronicles 9 - Dregg : External (Part 2)

OR you are here to help Rory become the biggest baddest Criminal in the world. "AntiVillain" is a new series where you play as the bad guy and the good guys try to stop you. The game is set in a world where superpowers are real and Superheroes and Super villains fight against each other.
Play the episodes here:
AntiVillain (-One Shot-)
AntiVillain 1 - Welcome to Chaos City
AntiVillain 2 - Let's Welcome Chaos (TBD)

What will your money be used for?
Half your money will go into Proofreading, hiring Artists for the game and Programmers for custom scripts for the software. The other half will go to pay my bills*. I still have to eat, and Kongregate is not a good solo resource. I still have to work other projects and jobs which takes time. Medieval Cop and Medieval Shorts needs time and patience to get the perfect jokes which keeps the series good.

*If the milestone of 250 dollars is met, you are covering half my basic needs, so I will still need to work on
other projects to pay the bills.

*If the milestone of 500 dollars is met, you are covering all my basic needs and I can complete the episode in one month without any worry about my bills.

Breakdown( for a month):
Proof Reading/Additional Assets/Custom Soundtrack/ Custom Graphics - 250 dollars
Electricity Bill - 50 dollars   (24 hrs Electricity costs that much here)
Food/Basic Needs - 200 dollars

- The process has been changed from Per Game/Episode to Per Month system. You will be charged on the first of every month. At least one game will be released each month so this was the proper way to go.
- Those who have pledged 10$ or more, please email me your character name, gender, details if any as I will start adding them from Episode 6 of Medieval cop.
- Those who have pledged above 100$, please email me your story for Medieval Chronicles. Important point, the story shouldn't clash with the canon in any way.

$621.14 of $1,000 per month
A new tier of 100$ is created which will allow patrons to
write their own Medieval Chronicles episode
Check out the tier for more information.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 21 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 21 exclusive posts

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