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Coliseum: Registered Contestant

per month

Your name is recorded in the scrolls of the Coliseum.  You have preferred access to the games; so long as your provide notice at least two hours prior to the game, a slot will be made available for you so long as all slots are not filled by other patrons.

Everdown: Eternal Prisoner

per month
You've been cast into Carceri, the prison plane.  You'll never be free...or at least that's what every folktale, holy book and long-lost codex has ever said.  It's time to make new stories.

Help me ensure I can continue to run these games by supporting at this level.  It helps demonstrate that people care about these games.  Let me know what you think would be good benefits for patronage and I'll see what I can do!

Coliseum: Notorious Contestant

per month
You have all the benefits of being a registered contestant, but your fame precedes you, and so you receive better treatment in the Coliseum.  The arena's pawnbrokers see you as a known quantity and are wiling to do business with you. 




per month

About Voivode Kohoutek

Voivode's Coliseum is a special place where and adventurer can earn fame and fortune on the bloody sands (and waters, stones and bones) of the arena. Of course, they could also die there, but at least they'd do so gloriously. Anyone is welcome to enter the arena, but maybe you're looking for something special. Maybe you'd rather not be made to wait in line like the rest of the rabble, or maybe you'd like a patron to support you outside the arena as you do all the hard work inside. If so, you're in the right place!
$30 - reached! per month
Breaking even! I can pay the bills to keep the lights on in the arena, but not my own.  I'll add one additional source book to the Coliseum based upon patron vote.
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