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Only if you want, though. None of my Mods is ever going on Pre-release on behind a paywall. Join this if you want to support me, and cancel the membership right after.




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You don't need to be a patron to see all the post... it seems like there is a problem with the site. if you can't see them try to go directly to this page

I create Mods for The Sims 4, none of them is ever going to be behind a paywall or in pre-release though. Since I'm poor as fuck, I know what it means to not be able to afford something. I'm starting this Patreon just to keep my Mods all in one place and update them easily.

My TOU is: I do not give a shit. You can modify, translate, redistribute, copy and paste, do as you wish without asking permission. This is not a work of art.

As for EA License, I don't own any of my works on Sims 4, therefore all of this belongs to the players.

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