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About Darq

Welcome to the Darq Side!

You have entered the lands of DarqUI, a custom user interface that dramatically improves your EverQuest® II experience.  Traveling through Norrath with DarqUI extends your access to information, convenience and game control.

After almost 10 years and literally thousands of hours developing the project including the interface, Unified Utility, ProfitUI CE Utility and the Notifications app, it was clear that players could benefit from more focused how-to videos to demystify these complex packages.  In-game help files and EQ2Interface resources can only explain so much.

The best ideas come from players, and the most effective assistance is one-on-one guidance with my fellow players over a voice client.  I usually end up saying, "If I could show this to you on my screen, it would all make more sense."  And thus the Darq Side came to be.

As a Patron you will enjoy these advantages:

  • Interact directly with the author and other dedicated gamers who use custom UIs

  • Learn how to use every feature of the UI and the utility apps more effectively, regardless of your previous experience

  • Daily video tips and detailed video tutorials by the author offer clear how-to insights for working with DarqUI components and the utility apps

  • Get early access (and sometimes exclusive access!) to new features through pre-release deployments

  • Share your valuable input into the design and future evolution of the UI and utility apps.  Patrons are invited to discuss planned features and updates

  • Be sure to check out the Darq Side FAQ below, or click here.

    EverQuest® II is a registered trademark of Daybreak Game Company LLC

    50 - reached! patrons
    High-res Goal... and a Free Gift for You!

    One of the most requested features is a larger overall UI. Aside from the normal size interface, DarqUI currently offers a larger size for many components that's much more comfortable at 2K. But for our players with fancy 4K monitors with crazy-high resolutions, an X-Large size is a great idea.

    If we can get (and keep) 50 Patrons, I'll begin writing new Large and X-Large UI pieces for higher-res 2K and 4K Patrons.  Fabled and Mythical Patrons will help decide through polls and discussion which L and XL pieces get written first.

    Your Gift!  If you play EverQuest II at higher resolutions (anything higher than 1280x1024), here is an exclusive gift for you just for checking out the Darq Side. Unzip one of the Broker files below into your custom UI folder and enjoy! Would more L and XL components like this one improve your game?  Then come over to the Darq Side!



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