is creating Technical artist wonders. 3D art.

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Enough of these for infinite coffees each week... In all joking.

In more truth saving for local expensives and needs.

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Enough for a snack maybe.

In more seriousness thank you very much for the support! I don't expect these.

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Short term support towards new equipment for development focus in and out of Unity.

For buying things like PC parts, phone bills, to a new computer chair. Yeah know?

Only do this this if you know me and cheering.




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You may see me in the hobbyist sphere of Unity development and shader creation and generally helping out technical artist QA within and outside VRchat. I love shader development and assisting with quality assurance within community projects and general programming, spending time practicing my computer degree and self improve in a well rounded sense and find something to work focus and improve over all skills.

In my last year of free time i work on shaders and 3d assets creation and technical 3d render theory, general coding, math theory, and more. Practicing self teaching and teamwork, and working towards freelance and resume building and then move toward indie or commercial studio work.

Since i got a hunch peers and friends may want to give back and support my work and help. This patreon would be a no incentive support area to tip and support.

If you found yourself indebted or want to help support my path to all knowing rendering and programming you can express here.

Enough support make encourage my development path into different goals as times progresses and relax worry about money as job hunting is ongoing.
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