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About Liangxing

Hello.~ I'm LiangXing from mainland China, currently an 30 year old young illustrator in Shanghai who've been drawing for almost 20 years ever since 1990s . When I grew up a little bit as a middle school student, I was told gifted in fine art so that I finally made up my mind to consider drawing as not only one of my hobby but also the profession I’ll count on. Later on I was admitted to Central Academy of Fine Art, Starting from college life,I've learned and attempted several styles including oil painting, fine art education and digital art. And turn out it seems that digital illustrator would be a nice choice for me. 
How this page works?
If you support me,you can get my work,After you are successfully pledged, you will not be charged until the beginning of next month(during first week of every month).Your generous support here on Patreon makes creating the personal artworks possible without resorting to freelance work.
When will I get the reward?  How I get it?
Because Patreon will start clearing in 1th,So content Pledges Start Processing on Each month 1st - 6th,Content will releases by Each month 6th.
I'll send you a download link with MEGA on each month 6th,than you can download my works.
How I get the previous works?
 If you want to access the previous  rewards, please find them on my Gumroad:

In addition to gumroad, you can also choose Patreon sponsorship to get a bigger discount than Gumroad.
Finally, thank you again for your support!~your support is my motivation!~ I will work harder on this!
Love you so much!~
Indicate: the work cannot be used for commercial, only for study and communication, the author enjoys the final explanation right.
patreon 如何运作

如果国内朋友用不了patreon,可以直接支付宝赞助,我的支付宝为 [email protected],美元按当日汇率换算即可,付款后请注明邮箱地址,我会在6号发送百度云下载链接。

你的支持就是我的动力,再次感谢!~ ^_^

69% complete
I will work harder to create more better works! Thank you for your support,♥ love you forever ♥
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 206 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 206 exclusive posts

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