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Hello! I make videos about conservative media, negative videos, as you maybe could tell. That's probably how you found out about me.

From the dogmatic libertarians of the Wall Street Journal editorial page to the neo-Nazi troglodytes of the ~*Intellectual Dark Web*~, right wing propaganda is both infantile and brazenly immoral, and yet, it drives the political agenda of several OECD economies, and almost the entire Anglosphere.

Thanks to their innate, atavistic understanding of the human lizard brain, and the largesse of the billionaires who's economic interests they ultimately protect, idiots like Sean Hannity or Sargon of Akkad can simultaneously have fun, make tons of money, and prop up a social and economic system that entraps billions in poverty, kills millions in unnecessary wars, and will usher in an ecological disaster that will possibly end human civilization entirely. So that's fun!

My job is to be the Frank Grimes to their Homer Simpson. Hopefully it will take longer for me to go insane.

OK, That's Dark...
Yeah, I know. I try to lighten the mood with videos about video games too. These I try to keep positive and more on the educational side. I don't know why, but I'm pretty upbeat and optimistic when it comes to pop-culture and video games, which is the opposite of what sells on Youtube, but I figure it's a good palate cleanser when combined with my other videos.

Don't Other People Already Do This?
Yeah, it's a crowded field. But I have a few qualities that help me stand out from the crowd. One, I've been following politics a lot longer than other SJW youtubers, so I have a strong understanding of the continuity between the new generation of Anti-SJW youtubers and their predecessors on cable news and talk radio. Also I studied history and economics in college, so I can both put whatever current trend or talking point is big right now in a broader historical context. Unlike most youtubers, I can actually read and understand economic and statistical data. So that will come in handy, since so many of these idiots put themselves up as objective rational fact machines.

Why Give You My Money?

Well, if I got enough I could do this fulltime, that would give me more time to add polish that all these other Youtube channels run by graphic design majors have. It would also help me get videos out faster.
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts

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