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About Josh Sigurdson

World Alternative Media has been putting out hard hitting pieces of alternative journalism for 5 years now.

We've spoken with some of the biggest names in global politics and have held some MASSIVE events, bringing minds together.

We've travelled to third world countries and drove through heavily armed mine fields in order to get to the stories others won't report on.

We do investigative reports on everything you can think of! The monetary system, the markets, politics, culture, ancient civilizations, conspiracy, health and much more!

We do documentaries and confrontations that have made international news! At one point before being hit by YouTube algorithms in early 2019, we were the fastest growing independent media in the world! We have initiative and we do not give up on our ambition to change the world around us! 

We've travelled to conferences throughout the world in order to bring you the best names and most important information. Of course these travels could not have happened without YOU!

Throughout the years we haven't asked for money and have turned down requests from CBC, government, etc. as we truly believe in doing things for the sake of passion and truth regardless of the cost. In many cases we've gone broke trying to keep WAM running. In fact currently, due to changes at YouTube we are making next to nothing and we've been forced to sell most of our possessions in order to keep getting daily video content to the masses that are still allowed to watch us. 

We're now at somewhat of a breaking point as our technology is out of date and starting to cause us severe problems when it comes to releasing great reports around throughout the world. 
We are in desperate need of new computers and audio equipment. We're very proud of the work we've done and those that view our work. Sadly, the only way we can continue the way we have is to ask the public to please help us out.

YouTube has nearly entirely demonetized us as so-called "hate speech" and doesn't show most subscribers (even when they click to be notified) when we post new video report or interviews. 

So any donation is very much appreciated! Let's keep WAM running strong so we can continue to bring the positive message of individualism and freedom to this world, so desperately in need of education. Of course education begets action. We must know the negatives to make them positives and cannot depend on government or whatever other collective mob you can think of to do it for us. That's called Stockholm Syndrome. 

Our whole motto is "Find the truth, be the change!" and it's very important to us that we all work together as individuals and spread that truth and change how people view freedom world wide. 

You can see our World Alternative Media YouTube Channel here:

Or you can see our former channel, Winnipeg Alternative Media here:

Find our Flote address here:

In the 2020s, we hope to bring our Patrons better offers and incentives. Stay tuned! Thank you so much! 

- Josh Sigurdson

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We want to be able to pay our amazing volunteers at WAM and we are in desperate need of better equipment as well as our ability to continue to produce countless videos full time. Every pledge helps keep us alive. Independent media is the future of information!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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