Heather Domin

is creating queerly historical fiction
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I don't have any tiered content at the moment - anyone willing to give me one of their hard-earned dollars (well, 85¢) every month gets access to anything I post here. All news and updates regarding upcoming writing projects will be shared on Patreon first.




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About Heather Domin

I’ve worn a lot of hats in my life -- history student, lab tech, copy editor, web smith -- but the one thing I have always been is a writer. I've been sharing my writing online for 20 years now, including three novels (The Soldier of RaetiaThe Heirs of Fortune, and Allegiance) and various gigs in blogging, book reviewing, and fandom. I set up this Patreon as a guitar case where anyone who's enjoyed something I've written and would like to support more can toss in a dollar a month; when I start promoting my web serial project I may set up a multi-tier system, but for now my plan is a monthly news update and reposts of greatest hits from blogs past, sans paywall.

And where will your tossed dollars go? Right now all my money is going to living expenses while my spouse and I deal with the aftermath of cancer, bankruptcy, and a variety pack of chronic illnesses, but if I reach a feasible monthly level my patron money will go directly to things that help me write more and write better: physical therapy, ergonomic aids, publishing and tech costs, all that self-care jazz. The less I have to worry about paying the bills, the more I can focus on writing words for you. That's my definition of living my best life.
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If I reach $25 a month, I'll start a weekly newsletter to talk about whatever creative projects I'm working on, whether it be writing, art, gardening, etc.
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