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per Production, paying collaborators, and promo for my company.

About Cole Holland

Hello patrons, 

My name is Cole Holland and I am from Seattle, Wa. I have composed music since the age of 7 and have played the piano since the age of 3. Music is my life and can't imagine doing anything different. Currently, I am working with over 50 artists nationwide to create new original music that is inspiring, educational, and to tell stories to help people work through things that I am working through as well. I started my company MusiCole Entertainment last August, and in 2016 I will be devoting my time to push my company to be one of the most recognizable brands in the Seattle music scene. Your contribution will help me pay for artists, mixing and mastering, photographers, and promotion to make the tracks the most successful they can be. I know a lot of artists write a lot more about themselves, but at this point in my description I just want to leave it to the music to tell my story and express what I do. I would love if you could contribute to what I do, I would be so, so thankful. 


- Cole

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