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Earth-Centered Living begins with a deep sense of connection to the whole web of life. Earth, water, air, fire and spirit knit all living beings into one living organism. We all breathe together and the love and light added by one is felt throughout the entire creation.
We live in a time of amazing transformation. Humankind is being called forward in our evolution to heal the human family and empower it to move into balance, unity, and harmony with the natural world. I find inspiration, wisdom, guidance and courage through my practice of shamanic journey which is one means of connecting with the mysteries and perspectives of the sacred and unseen aspects of life.

My website continues to evolve as my journey unfolds. It began as a chronicle of our move from a 3-bedroom rental house on a hillside, to a 30-foot, 15-year-old motor home, and the spiritual insights that empowered that shift in lifestyle. When we began the preparation two years ago, I could not have imagined what the simplifying of our life would mean to us now.
We currently live on a piece of land which belongs to my husband's family. We use both our motor home and the old family cabin for our living space, and enjoy the beauty of this land.

I am currently working on short stories and blog posts designed to nurture personal transformation and a vision of the world we want to create for our grandchildren's grandchildren. My relationship with the land, with the evolutionary struggle of the human family and my own personal journey of discovery of the sacred nature in all of life, are the focus of my work.

I deeply appreciate the support of people who are on their own journey of finding an appropriate way for the human family to live in peace and harmony with one another, and with the planet which gives us life. 

This Patreon site will lead you in the steps to contribute a monthly amount that you feel is appropriate. I welcome contributions of $5 or $10 per month, because many people are living a very simple life with limited financial resources. If you are able to give more, it is very helpful. Every Patreon will receive a monthly thank you letter with updates on how I am integrating Earth Centered Living and my spiritual practice of shamanic journey into all I do.

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