Life Saving Books

is creating Books that help to raise money for those most in need.

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        About Life Saving Books

        Life-Saving Books was started as a passion project by 6-year-old Tia Turner with the help of her father Scott Turner.

        They spent 9 months working together to create their first book called "What if?" This book was inspired by all of the crazy questions that young people ask.

        This book shows images of what the world might look like if kids created the world we live in.

        After Tia and Scott finished writing this book, they were amazed at how much people loved it.
        What started out as a project to do together, turned into a successful book that people really loved to read.

        After seeing a video of young kids in Africa who didn't have any clean water to drink, Tia mentioned that she wished that she could help these poor kids, but didn't know how to. That was "Tia's water wish". Tia and Scott talked it over and decided that they could use some of the money from their book sales to donate to these poor kids halfway around the world.

        That day Tia's water wish was born, and Life Saving Books became a reality.

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