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This support gives you access to drawings, collage and poetry that is exclusive to this site!
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You will have access to paintings, photography, short stories and 'art lessons' .  The art lessons will be short videos demonstrating exercises I use to open the creative flow and improve skill in technique.
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You have access to the vault  of "Life Force" images.  This body of art and writing explores the connection between sexual potency and creative power.  Both of these are expressions of the same Spiritual Source and these art pieces are intended to inspire broader ways to experience  beauty, arousal and personal focus!




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About Eugene * gebsite

I have been creating visual art in multiple styles and media for over 20 years.  I am a father, mate and urban farmer.  Until now my artwork has only been seen in rare exhibitions and sparingly on facebook.  I have been looking for a way to share my art with interested folks on a platform that offers intimacy and protection of my creations.  

Your support will give you access into a rich vault of beautiful images that have been created over the last 20 years while I have been living and working.  These works are created to inspire creativity and self reflection.  To accompany the images I will be sharing poems and short stories for you to review and comment on.  Your feedback and pledge will help me to create a dynamic artbook project in hardcopy form for release next year.

The paintings and posts you see below are the "Public" post for everyone to see.  Our galleries are full with plenty more images and writings for Patreons only.  Make a pledge and get access to see what's inside *gebsite*
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At this stage I will begin posting videos of art exercises that I use to open the flow of creativity and build your skill in the technique of drawing, painting and 2d design thinking.
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